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How To Make Better Use Of The Low Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump?

In order to better exert the effect of the low-temperature coolant circulation pump and prolong the service life of the product, what should we pay attention to in use?

  1. Liquid medium should be added before use. The liquid medium is generally more than 95% alcohol, and the liquid medium cannot be lower than 20mm of the worktable.
  2. The use of the working power should be determined according to the model of the machine, the power of the power should be greater than or equal to the total power of the instrument, and the power must have a good “grounding” device (Note: There is a screw on the lower left of the back of the low-temperature coolant circulating pump 380v voltage instrument. ground lead).
  3. The instrument should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the back and sides should be 400mm away from obstacles.
  4. When the low-temperature coolant circulating pump ends, the SV window displays the word “end”. At this time, the compressor stops working, and it can start working again at the set time or by restarting the “main power”.
  5. After use, all switches must be turned off before unplugging the power plug, and use the suction ball and leather tube to dry the liquid in the Xiaoao.

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