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Which Laboratories Can Cryogenic Coolant Circulation Pumps Be Used In?

The low temperature cooling circulation pump is a low temperature liquid circulation equipment that adopts mechanical compression refrigeration. Depending on the opening size of the low-temperature cooling water circulating pump, the constant temperature experiment can be carried out in the bath, or it can be connected with other equipment through a hose to be used with a constant temperature source. Internal circulation: The circulating throughput of the liquid medium in the tank by the pump increases the uniformity of the temperature in the tank and reduces the temperature fluctuation.


Energy-saving and high-efficiency: continuous output of low-temperature cooling liquid, circulating in the circuit, and constant temperature controlled by the equipment. A cryopump can continuously provide low-temperature cooling source for multiple groups of experiments at the same time, which is suitable for large-scale condensation experiments. It also has digital high-precision temperature control technology. Safety mechanisms such as compressor overload protection provide more security.

Scope of application:

The low temperature cooling circulating pump is especially suitable for various chemical, chemical, biopharmaceutical and physical experiments that need to maintain low temperature conditions. . Combined with rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze-drying box, circulating water vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments, it can carry out multi-functional low temperature chemical reaction operations and drug storage.

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