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Submerged LNG Pump

Submerged LNG Pump

Submerged LNG Pump

 Natural gas leaks can be dangerous for operators and workers in the area. Submerged LNG pumps eliminate the risk of leaking natural gas by containing the pump within the tank and using a static seal on the output port. This setup does not require dynamic seals, which can be susceptible to leaks due to friction

LNG Centrifugal Pump

Zero leakage LNG pressurization for pipeline delivery. The high capacity pump motor is submerged in natural gas without requiring a dynamic seal, ensuring safety of the operators. Can also be equipped with fluid level and pressure meters, as well as vibration detection systems for better monitoring. Learn more about this product here: https://erapower.ca/products/lng-cryogenic-centrifugal-pump/

Cryogenic Centrifugal Pumps

A simple versatile design for many possible solutions. Primarily used for transferring cryogenic liquids into transportation vehicles, but fits a wide variety of other scenarios. Flow Rate: 5-200 m3/h Speed: 960-5OOO rpm Learn more about this product here: https://erapower.ca/products/cryogenic-centrifugal-pumps/

Electric Heated Vaporizers

The golden standard of electric heated vaporizer systems. Using high quality components from LG and Siemens, these vaporizers are ideal for a mid-range gasification volume. Can be optionally configured with explosion-proof electrical components to meet required standards. Learn more about this product here: https://erapower.ca/products/electric-heating-vaporizer/

Circulating Water/Steam Vaporizer

High throughput and excellent efficiency. Our highest flow rate vaporizer for maximum gasification volumes. Converts up to 100,000Nm3/h of liquid media to gases. Learn more about this product here: https://erapower.ca/products/circulating-water-steam-heating-vaporizer/

Cryogenic Tank

Big or small; We have them all. Suitable media: LO2, LN2, LAr, LNG, LCO2, LC2H4, LPG, etc. Standards: GB, ASME, CE Learn more about this product here: https://erapower.ca/products/cryogenic-tanks/

Industrial Gases Cylinder Pump

Stable performance and a long service life. Our cylinder pump seals are rated for up to 300,000 cylinder fillings, or more with an auxiliary seal. A great investment when paired with our Ambient Vaporizer systems. Learn more about this product here: https://erapower.ca/products/industrial-gas-pump/

Ambient Vaporizers

Did you know our vaporizers can turn liquid medium into gas without consuming any energy? The many heat exchange pipes on these systems take advantage of their surrounding environment, allowing them to produce gas products without any energy. A true environmentally friendly solution! Learn more about this product here: https://erapower.ca/products/ambient-vaporizer/

Cryogenic Tanks

Cryogenic tanks – big or small we have them all. Learn more about our tanks here: https://erapower.ca/products/cryogenic-tanks/

Cryogenic Vaporizers

Cryogenic Vaporizer solutions for all possible scenarios. Our high quality vaporizers provide optimal gasification efficiency for a wide variety of media such as: LOX, LIN, LAr, LCO2, LNG, LH2, LC2H4, and LPG. Be it high throughput electrified gasifiers, or environmentally friendly non-energy consuming vaporizers, we have systems that will fit your needs. Learn more about