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Multi-Phase Cryogenic Centrifugal Pump

Deposit: $1,000.00


Multi-phase Cryogenic Centrifugal Pumps can produce higher outlet pressure and capacity due to the superimposed work of multiple impellers. It’s mainly used in air separation processes and LNG gasification stations pressurizing LNG and delivering it to the pipeline network.

This series of pumps can obtain high capacity, head and stable operate maintenance-free for more than 16000 hours as well.

For LNG use, the pump is submerged in the liquid ensuring zero leakage as no dynamic seal is needed. It can also be equipped with vibration, liquid level, and pressure monitoring meters to ensure safe and reliable operation. The use of guide wheel effectively reduces the requirement for system cavitation margin (NPSH).

Main technical parameters:
Suitable Medium: LNG, LIN, LC2H4
Flow Capacity: 2-450m3/h
Differential Head: 300-2600m
Rotating Speed: 1000-6000rpm

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